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Antique Soccer balls

antique soccer balls
Antique footballs

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Commonly asked questions about antique footrballs.
Antique and denim Footballs please forward sizes and costs for 1.Antique Leather Footballs   2.denim footballs. I wanted to know more information about you guys and also how to order the antique soccer ball. 
Where are you located? 
Are the soccer balls official size?
How long does it take for shipping?
What kind of payments do you accept?Iím looking for an antique type football. I see you have some on your website. What is the range you do and costs please. I donít think I need it personalised but a quote for that would be useful in case.  am looking to enquire about a product you produce. The product is the antique football (image attached). I would be interested in selling this product via my web-site, which sells and produces antique football shirt designs. Along side this we sell football related items. My company is  launching soon. Would it be possible to tell me how much you sell this item for at wholesale price, and what the RRP is? I would be looking for the vintag footballs to be plain with no promotional images on them. However I will be looking to have some of the same antique footballs made with my companies logo printed. The number of the order would depend on the quality of the football product and price of each unit.


To begin with, I will be looking to place an order for 10 antique footballs without my logo for sale on my web-site, hopefully these items will sell well and then I will look to place a larger order. The antique old footballs with the logos will be the same number to begin with as well, I will hopefully be using these as free promotional gifts so depending on the quality of them, I will certainly be placing  another order if the quality is of a high standard. So what will the shipping be then for a total of 20 vintage footballs? Also is there any major discount when placing large oders, and if so, what will the amount required for the discount? I was interested in purchasing a vintage style leather soccer ball,  and was hoping you could provide some details on your products, namely  the price of each.
Can these be maintained/pumped up with air the same way modern footballs are?
Real Madrid
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used in soccer. 
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Size Specification of soccer balls

                                1930-Uruguay - Uruguay 4-2 Argentina
Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia 
 Italy 4-2 Hungary
 Uruguay 2-1 Brazil 
 Germany 3-2 Hungary
 Brazil 5-2 Sweden
 Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
 England 4-2 Germany
 Brazil 4-1 Italy
 Germany 2-1 Holland
 Argentina 3-1 Holland 
 Italy 3-1 Germany
 Argentina 3-2 Germany 
 Germany 1-0 Argentina
 Brazil 3-2 Italy (on pens) 
 France 3-0 Brazil
 Germany 0-2 Brazil
Italy 5-3 France
World Cup 2006
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