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Saiful Muluk lake
Picture tour to Saiful Muluk
Let's start our travel from Naran on the Road to Saiful Muluk, 
you need to hire a jeep or you can travel by foot, it will take 3 hours if you want to go on foot.
jeep ride saiful muluk
road to saiful muluknear saiful muluk
Glacier on the way to saiful muluk, there are two on the way.
Glaciersaiful muluk

saiful muluksaiful muluk

Entry point of saiful muluk
view saiful muluk

saiful muluk
road to saiful muluk
lake view

saiful muluk view
saiful muloksaful mulukmagnificient lake
mount saiful muluk
saiful muluk
saiful muluk
saiful muluk
saiful muluk
saiful muluksaiful muluk
saiful muluk lake
saiful muluk mountsaifulmuluk view
view saiful muluk

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