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Link popularity is fast becoming one of the highest weighted criteria used in ranking your site in the search engines. The more related sites linking to yours the higher your sites ranking climbs in the search engine results. 

How do I swap links with

Exchanging links between our two sites is easy. Send us an email with a one or two sentence description of your site and the exact URL. We'll review your site as soon as possible, validate the reciprocal link on your site and if we feel that your site provide good complimentary content, we will reciprocate the link.

To add link to your website, simply use the following html code:

<a href="" title="internet soccer portal soccer forums, official soccer directory services ">Soccer links</a> - links to all soccer clubs and search engine for anything soccer includes clubs, players, news, competitions, all from football or soccer. the-soccer is a soccer search engine, search the web for soccer sites, soccer news, soccer video audio have one of the largest and most
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Submission Guidelines: 
Must be an English language website or English translation available. 
Must be well designed and maintained. Sites with broken links and missing images will not qualify. 
Sites must have their own domain. 
Titles and descriptions can only have capital letters only at the beginning of the words. 
Symbols and numbers are not accepted at the beginning of the title unless your url starts with a number. 
Submit only top level domains. Do not submit individual pages of the website or sub-domains.
Submit to only one category. 
Spamming is not tolerated and will result in your site being banned from our directory. 
Sites with only banners and or excessive pop ups/unders will not be accepted . 
Please do not submit your site if:
Your site includes any type of pornographic materials, hate materials, adult materials, racial materials, or unlawful practice.

We do not guarantee:
Inclusion to our directory 
Results or traffic

We reserve the right to:
Refuse inclusion for any reason. 
Alter title, descriptions and keywords. 
Move your site to another category. cannot be held responsible for the content found within the sites listed in this directory. Content of a website can change over time. Please report any site that is found to be offensive so that we can immediately remove it. 

Why redirects are bad:
You should be careful when exchanging links, or adding your site to directories. Not all links are created equal, and some can have a negative impact on your websites search engine placement.

Some websites (including some directories) use a redirect script to send visitors to your website. Why should you care? Why is this (potentially) bad for your website's search engine rankings? There are a couple of things at work here: 

Spiders or bots cannot follow redirects. If you are listing your website in a directory in the hope that it will get it spidered faster, you are going to be disappointed if the link pointing to your site is not a natural link. 
Inbound Links: part of the the algorithms search engines use to determine where you should rank for your search term is inbound links. If your link is through a redirect, then that link does not count as an inbound link for you. 
Passing PR: If your link exists naturally on a high page-rank page, the high page-rank page will pass some of that PR juice to your page. Will PR pass when a redirect is used? I think you know the answer to this... 
Not helping, but actually HURTING your website's SE rankings: Google and MSN handle 302 redirects in such a way as to possibly have the "link target's" info transferred to the "link from's" page, and vice-versa. Some sites do a 302 redirect to your listing, and this could have a negative impact on your rankings.

How to tell if you are getting the full benefit of a link to your website:
Look at the source. Do a "View Source" and look at the html code for your link. If the href in the anchor tag does not go directly to your site, if you see something that looks like "link.php?YourSite" or "out.cgi?site=123", you are not getting a direct link to your site. *You cannot rely on passing your mouse cursor over the link and checking the status bar at the bottom of the page. Webmasters can make that say anything they want. Check the code!

While you are looking at the source code, take another look at the anchor tag that's supposed to be pointing to your website. If it contains rel="nofollow", you are not getting the benefit of the link. If the directory/website owner is telling the search engine spiders to not index the links on the page, why would you want to be listed there?

Again, while you're in the source code, check in the <head> section to see if there is a meta tag that looks like: meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow". If there is, see above...

Look at the robots.txt to see if the directory/website owner is telling the search engine spiders to 'disallow' the page you are listed on.

If you see any of these things, do you WANT to be listed on this website?
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