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Weightlifting GlovesAsdi & Ansi Internatioal is the manufacturer and exporter of leather gloves, garments, shoes 
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Weight Lifting Chains Wrist Wraps Knee Wraps Lifting Straps Dipping Belt Super gripper Exercise Bands TK Bands Power Hooks Lifting 
Hooks Weight Lifting Belt Knee Sleeve Hyper Gain Weight Lifting Chalk Free Weights Neck Head Harness Ammonia Caps Hand Grippers 
Thigh Sleeve Lifting Log Book  Pulling Harness Elbow Sleeves    Lifting Accessories Beanie Skull Hats Ab Abdominal Sling  Ankle Strap Cuff 
Wrist Roller Weight Lifting Shirt Weight Liffting Gloves  Athletic Tape Powerlifting Chains Bodybuilding Trophy Kettlebell Adjustable 
Kettlebells Solid 
It is our great pleasure to inform you that we are leading manufacturers and exporters of all types of Gym Sports Products, Self Defence Products and Sports Accessories. We are specialized in producing of under mentioned products in good quality at very best price range. Weight Lifting Gloves, Weight Lifting Belts, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Mitten, Leather Dress Gloves,  Cross Country Gloves, Cycle Gloves, Boxing Shorts, Boxing Trousers, Karate Belts, Karate uniform, Head Guards, Mouth Guards and many other sports & protection accessories. 

We have been informed that your company is dealing with working gloves. Please kindly quote your best price for supply of one 20 FCL working gloves FOB Pakistan. We would also appreciate to receive specification and pictures of the product as well as your terms of payment and production time. Please kindly inform if you are dealing with other protective clothing and what types, if any.

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