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 leading Manufacturer & Exporter of FITNESS, Boxing Gloves  Brazilian jui jitsu unifrom White 550 grams and Martial Arts Equipments in Sialkot-Pakistan. some detail of our Fitness and Boxing Equipments:
FITNESS: Gloves: Karate Uniform size 4, poly cotton 9 oz
Karate Uniform size 4, poly cotton 7 oz Fine quality gloves in Leather as well as Synthetic Leather with good padding for comfortable and nice grip.
FITNESS BELTS: We produce our Fitness Belts in Geniune Leather, Split Leather in different colors. Also we produce our Fitness belts in Cordura, Neoprene and Web material.
Clothing: Fine quality T-shirts, Hooded Shirts, Pants, shorts, Bags, in different materials as per customer requirement.Karate Uniform size 4 100% cotton 10 oz 
Karate Uniform size 4 100% cotton 9 oz 
Karate Uniform size 4 100% cotton 7 oz   
Karate Uniform size 4, poly cotton 10 oz 
 Other Accessories: Wrist Strap, Hook strap,
BOXING Gloves: Produce in High quality Cowhide Leather, PU with rubber latex foam and with Velcro closing or laces. 
Protective Gears: Head Guards produce in high quality Cowhide Leather, Rib Protector, Kart Cover PU with special rubber and high density foam padding for extra protection. Focus Mittens, Pads, Punching Balls and Bags also produce in high quality materials.Racing Cloth, Brazilian Jui jitsu unifrom Blue 750 grams 
Brazilian jui jitsu unifrom Blue 550 grams  Rain Suit, Mechanic Suit, Mechanic
That is why we have most satisfied and successful wholesalers the world over. Consequently we sell more at lower prices. For our catalogues drop in a request with your mailing address at any of our contacts. We shall be privileged to oblige immediately.
Karate Uniform size 4, 100% cotton 12 oz
Karate Uniform size 4, 100% cotton 14 oz.
Karate Uniform size 4, 100% cotton 16 oz
Judo Uniform white size 4, 450 grams
We have a vast experience of 16 years in the field of manufacturing, quality control, marketing and export of all material related to martial arts. The manufacturing is carried out under one roof by very well trained and expert artisans. Maximum emphasis is placed on quality control and timely deliveries. Most attractive aspect of our business is competitive prices. Judo Uniform white size 4, 900 grams  Single Color Belt 
Judo Reverse able size 4 900 grams  High quality Kart Motorsports racewearWe maintain constant and incessant vigil over stocks, inventories, material under production and over heads. Strip Belt  
Master Belt black  This helps in keeping cost of products at minimum level. The benefits of low cost, we believe in sharing with our customers. 
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform White 750 gms 

We are specialy manufacturing and exporting Martial Arts and Boxing equipments using top quality leather.All styles available.Diferent coloures, Red, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Pink etc  also.If you are interested in any style please email us back about gloves, and also we are making, Kick Shields,Head Guards Groin Guards, Chest Guards, Hand Raps, Shin Pads, Bag mitt Gloves, Karate gloves, Ankle Support Guards, Pads, Boxing Gloves, Curve Mitts, Gumshields, MMa Shorts, Promotional Items, Hakama 9 oz
Kendo Jacket 500 Gms  Thai Shorts, Trousers for Kick Boxing, Skipping Ropes, MMa Gloves,  Overalls, Kart Racing Gloves, Underwear, Rain Suit, Balaclava, Helmet bags, Equipements Bags, Shoes. Any Style fairtex or UFc etc Weight Lifting Belts, Gloves accesories. Martial arts gi's kimonos, BJJ kimonos etc. And complete range of sports goods.



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